Why ride a P.R.E.?

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The P.R.E. horse is one of the most enjoyable breeds in the world.

Regardless of what you like to do with your horse, which discipline you practice, whether your expectations are sky high or not much at all, the character  traits your horse possesses will determine whether you enjoy your time together or suffer from it.

The P.R.E. possesses some of the most desirable traits of any breed of horses.

If a horse doesn’t have a good work ethic no matter how well his body is made for the sport, he will bring you little more than frustration over the years. On the other hand “where there is will there is a way” applies to the horse as much as it does to people and with his willingness to perform and please,  this horse will bring you success and satisfaction over the years.

The Spanish horse by nature has a fantastic work ethic. They are also extraordinarily forgiving of rider error unlike may breeds used in competition today. They forgive although they probably don’t forget but they do allow the rider the opportunity to do things better without making  past errors the pillar of future training. Good work ethic is 90% of what you need from a horse in any discipline.

P.R.E. horses are highly intelligent which makes them easy to train. Care must be given that their natural talents are developed not just used because like with any horse and especially with the good ones they can be ruined by improper training!

The Spanish horse has a greater talent  than many other breeds for all the collected dressage movements. Who doesn’t enough riding a horse who can do the upper level movements? Few have the privilege to experience that on a regular basis.

Spanish horses for the most part possess three good quality gaits. Like with any breed some horses will be FEI material others while other representatives of the breed will make nice trail horses. In general they are considered high stepping horses and even those not as suitable for sport don’t drag their feet through the dirt.

Courage is another character trait that seems to be more accentuated in P.R.E. horses.  All horses are “flight” animals by nature and even a P.R.E. can be spooked.  It’s much nicer if the response to fear is controllable and that’s always more likely when the horse has courage. Who wants to go on a trail ride when it can’t be relaxing?

Spanish horses are by comparison easier to sit than warm bloods for example. That’s nice for backs of all ages and riding abilities.

Amicable  and people oriented even most stallions are sweet by nature and much more manageable for the adult amateur rider to handle than warm blood stallions can be.

Last but not least they are Beautiful. Their rounded bodies, convex faces, expressive movements and flowing manes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but judging by how many coffee table books feature Spanish horses it seems many would agree.