3 horses 10 blue ribbons

Coves Darden horses and their riders brought home 10 blue ribbons from the May Day dressage show in Aiken this year. 

Ingenio ridden by Hailey Guard performed his first ever 4th level test 2 and test 3 over the weekend. They earned 63.05%, 64.16%, 66.44%, 67.02%. Steadily  improving from one ride to the next. Congratulations to a very harmonious pair.

Bohemio CDF has been very consistent since his debute in the dressage ring this show season. He performed his first 2 tests at 1st level. He again earned scores in the 70’s. Specifically 71.61%, 74.318% and 75,00%. What a super 4 year old stallion.

Bandolero CDF went to his second show this time under Coves Darden farms newest team member Luke McLaughlin.  Bandolero is also a 4 year old. He put in 4 rides at training level scoring 65.68%, 69.54%, 71.73% and 73.04% to top it off .

Tropical depression Bonnie Was passing through providing plenty of rain and gusts of wind. We can’t be prouder of our young horses. 

Well done COVES DARDEN TEAM!!!!!