Charlotte Dujardin Master Class

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Charlotte Dujardin Master Class

January, 2018 in KY

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It was an exciting weekend for us. Mel Montagano was selected by Charlotte Dujardin to participate in the two day Master Class  imparted in Kentucky.  Coves Darden P.R.E. provided her with the young breeding stallion, Police, as her own mare wasn’t 100%.

Coves Darden P.R.E. has opened a new facility close to Wellington. Mel Montagano has been riding Police in Florida for less than two months. At this point they are still getting to know each other. The Master Class has been a wonderful opportunity to work on refining their performance. The pair worked on some of the difficult Grand Prix movements like canter zig zags down centerline, flying changes every other stride and at every stride, halfpasses and the pirouette down centerline.

As videos from the master class are intended for personal use, we have edited out the audio. It’s ofcourse not as much fun to watch but we thought it would be nice for people to see anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Police has a new group of offspring coming soon. Each year we work to improve the quality of our young horses. We are excited to see what this new group is like. Police is such a special stallion.

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