Coves Darden Team cleaned up across the south east

10 Coves Darden horses -several of which client owned, competed at the GA international horse park and in Raleigh NC this last weekend of July.

Stacey  Hastings in region 1 rode Police in the I-II placing 1st with a 61.7% and Sunday scoring 62.2%. Guateque is doing quite well this year at 3rd level. He put in 2 rides at Third level -Free Style over the weekend winning both his classes with 70.8% and 70.3%.

Luke McLaughlin put in a super performance on Bandolero CDF (4 year old) and on Barbate CDF (4 years old). Bandolero is raking in consistent high scores. This weekend  they just kept getting better scoring 68%, 70.9% 73.4% and 74.13% at Training level. Barbate CDF debut at training level, trained and ridden by Luke, they brought home excellent scores 66.7%, 69.77%, 70.4% and 72.5%. Bandolero and Barbate came in 3rd and 4th place in the CBH Baroque horse- high score award behind 2 other Coves Darden horses- Good work!

Hailey Guard had a great weekend in Conyers on Bohemio CDF and with Ingenio. Bohemio has been competing at training and first level this season. They scored 68.8%, 71.08, 67.5. The pair held the position for highest score of the show most of the weekend. They took second place in the CBH baroque horse -high score award. Ingenio ridden by Hailey at 3rd level took 1st place in the CBH awards. The pair tied for 1st place at 3rd-3 ,against international rider Shawn Harding, with a score of 70.641%. They also put in their first ever freestyle performance at 3rd level to Michael Jackson music. They scored 68.9%.

Paula Larrosa rode Eros JL at 1st level in the young rider division this weekend. Eros is a pseudo albino stallion bred by her father in Spain and imported as a yearling by Coves Darden PRE. The pair put in a good ride both days. This stallion has a number of buckskin offspring. The oldest of which will be coming into the barn next spring.

Jessica Souther brought Botticelli CDF (4 years old) to his second show this season. He is in training and for sale in the Atlanta area. The pair scored 65% twice and 67.9% at training level.

It was good to see Mureño and Bodeguero CDF at the show as well. Mureño and Barbara took the legacy award in the awards ceremony and won their 1st-3 class both days with scores in the 60’s. Happy horses happy owners is always a pleasure to see