Dressage at Devon 2015

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Police will be competing against 30 other top dressage horses this coming weekend in Devon PA. He is the only PRE in the Prix st George class this year. He is also a player at the Intermediate I level.

Police was born at Coves Darden farm -Spain, in November 2007. He was imported along with the CDF’s core breeding stock of mares and stallions to Cove Darden Farm -USA in the fall of 2008. Here he grew up with a small group of colts on lush southern pastures.

He was started under saddle when he looked physically mature enough to handle the transition. In the 2015 show season he has competed successfully at Intermediate I and is well on his way to the Grand Prix.

In 2014 his first crop of offspring were born. There are some extraordinary foals amongst them. As a foal Police stood out for his elasticity and cat like balance. Many of his babies show similar athletic traits.