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For Sale

Coves Darden offers P.R.E. Stallions, Mares and Geldings for sale varying in age, price, temperament, training and of course coat colors. You won’t find a list of sales horses on this site. We provide our clients with a customized sales service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with what you are looking for. We will recommend  horses that we feel meet your criteria and fall within or close to the parameters you provide. You are also welcome to schedule a visit with us and take a look for yourself.

All of our young horses are handled from birth. They learn at an early age to wear a halter, to lead and stand tied. They are groomed regularly as babies and in the process they learn to stand for the farrier. By the time they are three years of age ground manners are routine and they are mentally ready for new challenges under saddle. Depending on the young horses physical maturity they are started under saddle sooner or a bit later in the season. They learn to accept the surcingle, the bridle. They learn new voice commands and after a few months of training most are working in the big arena under saddle. Once communication, trust and obedience is established the young horses are taken out on the trail. Here a wide variety of new experiences help produce well rounded and functional horses. When the young horses are ready they make their debut on the show grounds.

We are pleased to produce F.E.I. worthy horses as well as horses that are fun, easy and safe for the adult amateur to ride. On our home page you will find videos of some of our horses or you can visit the Coves Darden You Tube channel.