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Welcome to Coves Darden Farm  – How can we help you?


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Coves Darden Farm is dedicated to Breeding and Importing quality P.R.E. horses which are . Horses for competition and enjoyment.

The stallion station stands a variety of apto reproductor P.R.E. stallions who are available to breeders between January and September each year. All Stallions are chosen for their overall quality and bloodlines. Some of these stallions possess either single or double dilute coat colors. Currently we offer two Buckskins (single dilute) and a Perlino (double dilute) available in the 2014 season. Three Qualified stallions are also available to breeders on a limited basis.  Goloso XLVIApolo XLIV and Tronc II. Fresh Cooled and frozen semen is shipped nationally. Export quality frozen semen can be shipped internationally.

Coves Darden  farm has an active breeding program, with many foals born each year, including many that are bred through embryo transfer. This enables the qualified mares to have several foals each year. Coves Darden is especially proud of its outstanding broodmares which includes nine mares that have earned the title “Calificado”. We strive to produce horses with superior work ethic who’s bodies are athletic, elasticity and harmonious.

Coves Darden Farm offers P.R.E.  horses for sale of all ages, from yearlings to mature, mares, stallions and geldings under saddle. Our horses meet the needs of the Adult Amateur rider and the expectations of the professional rider. Whether you are looking for a Spanish horse to ride or Spanish bloodlines with which to breed, Coves Darden can help you.

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