Michael Poulin Dressage Clinic

Michael Poulin- one of the countries most accomplished dressage riders and trainers will be teaching at Coves Darden  April 10-12, 2015

The clinic is open to participation by local dressage riders. The price for an individual session is $300 per ride and will last approximately 45 minutes. A group theoretical discussion will be held during the clinic. Shared 1 hour sessions that accommodate 2 riders are available at $250 per horse.

If you are interested in participating please contact Dorothea Darden on her cell at 803-270-5912 or at the office 803-258-9235

Weekend stabling can be arranged for your horse for a $100 flat fee – Friday arrival Sunday departure. This includes a 12 x 12 stall with Soft Stall mats, automatic waters and shavings. Owner must provide feed.

Payment is made in advance and is nonrefundable. Horses must arrive with a copy of current negative coggins to be admitted on the property.

Space is limited.

About Michael Poulin

(referenced from www.poulindressage.com and other internet publications)

“Michael Poulin’s contributions to dressage are many and continuing. Most people who reach the highest levels in dressage make their mark in one primary facet of the sport- competitor, trainer, instructor, judge. Michael is all four. He is a member of the Bronze Medal winning US Team at the 1992 Olympics for which he trained and rode two horses- Graf George and Bombadier . He boasts multiple national and international championships. He heads the Poulin School of Dressage in DeLeon Springs Florida, where he works with a prominent student roster.

He serves with distinction as a member of the board of directors of the Dressage Foundation. He originated the “Advanced Young Rider European Training/ Education Program” which sends four talented young riders to Europe each year for their introduction to the world of International Dressage. Poulin has been a long time member of the Board of Directors and the Dressage Committee of the American Horse Show Association (now known as the USEF). He was instrumental in founding the US Dressage Federation’s Instructor Certification Program. He is a Certified Examiner for this program. He founded the Olympic Dream Program for Young Riders

Michael Poulin is a founder of the North American Dressage Trainers Association which stages important annual symposium at the Dressage Center to aid in improving the understanding among all parties involved in the sport- trainers, judges, instructors, riders, owners and organizers. He is a member of the International Dressage Trainers Club. He is also a member of the Classical Dressage Riders Association. Michael travels nationally and internationally as an FEI “I” rated dressage judge and dressage coach. He was recently inducted into the United States Dressage Federation Hall of Fame.

Michael Poulin’s horses and students have succeeded at the very highest levels of dressage, including the Pan Am Games and the Olympics. Among his students are Carol Lavell with whom he shares Olympic team bronze, Lendon Gray, Mary Howard, Larry Poulin, Michael Barrison and Stacey Hastings. Michael’s dressage students and friends say that what they most admire about Michael is his honesty, and that he has the uncanny ability to go directly to the heart of the matter with a horse” In Michael’s words -“the philosophy of classical riding is that the horse understands the riders aids with relaxation, not fear and relates the aides to the physical movement that he’s doing. Classical riding develops the horse physically with mental understanding.”

Many of the horses that Michael has trained and competed at Grand Prix have gone on to teach their owners. Here are a few examples: Enshala, Enshappe, Piaffe, Telluric, Watch Me, Lighten Up Jack, Duke of Earl, Zambo, Bombadier, Toscanni, Hifi, Welladay Classic and Graf George who taught to people.”