Our Facilities and their uses

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Horses under saddle are stabled in a 30 stall barn. They receive daily training, care and turnout.

We offer monthly board to select clients  as well as short term board for mare owners who opt for on farm reproductive services.
The mare barn is outfitted with extra large stalls and a clinic area where reproductive care is given. Broodmares are rotated year round from field to field.

Foals are weaned gradually from the mares each fall. They are halter trained and handled regularly. They spend most of the time out in the field with others foals of their age.  The field is an ideal environment for youngsters to develop their bodies and minds for their lives as athletes.

The covered arena provides our horses and their trainers with a shaded environment to work. 80 plus feet of mirror gives instant feedback to the riders and spans the short side of the arena and bleachers for viewing are there too.