The Spanish Horse in the U.S.A.

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The Spanish horse has enjoyed the greatest part of its modern globalization since the 1970’s. Not many years in comparison to the spread of warm blood breeds across the continents. Although the Spanish horse is often considered the original dressage horse, the warm blood has dominated the international dressage scene and the dressage horse market in the US for many years.
In the last few decades an increasing number of talented P.R.E.  have been take up the levels to international success thanks to improved breeding programs, top level riders and ambitious owners who’s investments made it possible. As their visibility on the international dressage scene grows so does the attention they are given by the general public.

In the US as in Spain the P.R.E. can be found engaged in a  variety of uses and disciplines including pleasure and competitive driving, western, vaquera, high school dressage, as show horses in halter classes, some have even been trained for gaited riding, others trained as exhibition horses, they are used in handicap therapy, para equestrian sport and as trail horses.