Glossary Terms – P.R.E. Horse/ Andalusian Horse / Spanish Horse

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P.R.E. Horse / Andalusian Horse / Spanish Horse 

The P.R.E.  stands for Pura Raza Espanola. In English it is referred to as the “Pure Bred Spanish horse”.  The term “Andalusian horse” is a broad term for horses from the southern region of Spain.  All P.R.E.  horses can be considered Andalusian but not all Andalusian horse can be considered a P..R.E. There is no actual breed registry for “Andalusian” horses. A breed registry was created for the P.R.E. horse several hundred years ago which like most European registries was later controlled by the military. Today the administration of the P.R.E.  breed registry has passed on to private management via LG-ANCCE (libro genealogico associacion nacional de criadores del caballo espanol) Alternative registries for Spanish, pseudo Spanish or Spanish crosses have come into existence however the original breed registry still represents by far the greatest number of pure bred Spanish horses in the world. In the USA breeders may register their horses with the original breed registry in Spain through the U.S.P.R.E. association. The P.R.E breed is what is considered a closed breed and genetic testing is used to assure the horses that are registered are truly the offspring of the parents they are reported to be from.

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