US Dressage Championship Finals 2014

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COVES DARDEN presented two stallions that were born and raised on the farm for the US Dressage Finals this year.

Police is turning 7 now in November. He qualified for and compete in the Region 1 Dressage Championship in PSG, 4th Level and 4th Level Freestyle. He went on to compete at in the US Nationals in 4th Level where he placed 6th in the Nation. The following day he performed in the 4th Level Freestyle scoring a 72.278% and winning 1st place in the Nation! Needless to say we are very proud of his accomplishments. Police is serving on the Coves Darden Stallion Station and has over 15 foals on the ground this year.

Guateque IV Is a 4 year old Stallion born and raised on Coves Darden Farm. He qualified for and won the Region 3 Championship at training level in Wellington Florida. He went on to compete in the National Dressage Championships at Training Level in Lexington Kentucky where he placed 11th in the Nation. We are looking forward to watching him develop in the sport over the next few years. He is serving on the Coves Darden Stallion Station and is expecting his first offspring in 2015.



Police US Dressage Finals Champion 4th Level Freestyle Open 2014
Police 6th in the Nation 4th Level Open
Police won 6th place in 4th Level Open at the US Dressage Finals 2014